Zero – The Ephemeral Trilogy by Muntaha Hussain


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Zero – The Ephemeral Trilogy by Muntaha Hussain

In the whirlwind of change, 17-year-old Mirha Malik finds herself uprooted from the vibrant streets of Pakistan to the crisp air of Canada. Battling the chaos within her introverted and anxious bubble, Mirha is thrust into a world far different from the one she left behind.

The allure of a group of bad apples pulls her into a storm of rebellion and uncertainty, threatening to shatter the very foundation of her identity.

Amidst the clamor of her downfall, Mirha is unexpectedly partnered with a group of boys on a project where she forges a unique connection with all of them where one of them stands out—a boy burdened by the weight of a forbidden dream of cricket.

Surrounded by true friends and inspired by the spiritual magic of Islam, the duo strives to break free from the frozen timebomb of social and studying pressures set in their own respected lives that threatens to engulf them.

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