Echoes of the Unseen Heart Book by Warda Fareed


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Echoes of the Unseen Heart by Warda Fareed

“Echoes of the Unseen Hearts”

Genre: Mystery Romance

In the heart of Peshawar, where the bustling university campus meets the tranquility of a park, the lives of four souls converge in a tale of love, mystery, and unwavering faith.

Meet Aban, a man with a heart as pure as the mountain air, and Maha, a rebellious spirit who defies societal norms. Their paths cross, and love blossoms, but Maha bears the scars of a past betrayal, making trust a rare commodity.

In the shadows stands Osman, a mystery wrapped in enigma. His presence in Palwasha’s life sparks questions and challenges her beliefs. The depths of their connection are explored through telephonic conversations, but Osman remains an enigmatic figure, unseen by Palwasha.

“Feminism, spirituality, and the mysteries of the heart intertwine as Maha dares to rebel, Palwasha discovers the divine in the unexpected, and Aban patiently awaits his chance to mend unseen hearts. Love, relationships, and betrayal weave their intricate dance.”

After the tragic death of Maha, Aban and Palwasha’s paths finally cross. In a world where love, trust, and mystery collide, the unseen hearts find their way together.

As readers have discovered on WebNovel, “Echoes of the Unseen Hearts” is a compelling journey that delves into the unseen, and soon, you can hold this tale in your hands as Decipher Bookstore brings it to life. Embrace the mystery and immerse yourself in a romance where souls, though unseen, are deeply felt.


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