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Husband and I love to read this together, as we feel it gives us a nice heads up on what to expect week to week. The Q&A part is also great, as there are many questions on there that we can relate with, and we get giggles out of some of the Dad components, which are really a nice add-on and make this book feel like its made for all participating members. Pregnancy really is wonderful thing, but there are so many unexpected and unknown components to it, it can get really intimidating and scary. Reading what others are going thru or have done thru is really comforting, and it helps us get our questions ready for our monthly doctors visit (there are so many things you don’t even think about asking!). Its also been great to truly have a reference guide on what to expect, and what tests are coming up, so when they do happen, we are better prepared and can get to the core questions answered by our OBGYN. Recommend this to all expecting families, it has been really helpful for ours.

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