I Have to Tell You Something by Zara Bas


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I Have to Tell You Something by Zara Bas

A collection of poems and prose to cradle, comfort, guide and hold space for emotions big and small. Fans of Yung Pueblo, Courtney Peppernell, and Brene Brown are sure to enjoy.

About the author: Zara Bas

Zara Bas is an Australian best-selling author sharing her exploration of self-love. Through her craft she creates a space to feel, release and process. Zara released her first book of prose and poetry ‘I Have to Tell You Something’ in 2022 which quickly became a best-seller in it’s category internationally. This collection explores her learnings on relationships, break-ups, self-esteem, and purpose. Zara continues to write and share her work across social media hoping to motivate others to get to know themselves in greater depth.



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